Reasons You Need A Personal Bank

Having a bank is an essential part of life, yet many people live without one. Did you know that you can have a personal bank without spending any money? In other words, it does not cost money to open a new account. There are accounts that cost money, but most banks offer free ones. If you currently do not have a bank account, here are some of the primary reasons to open an account so that you can have a personal bank. Read More 

Death In The Family? 5 Reasons Estate Sales Beat Yard Sales

When a loved one passes away, the family is often left to figure out what to do with all the belongings and furnishings in their home. While you and your family members may select and remove some items of sentimental value or those specifically addressed in the will, the vast majority of the home's goods will need a proper disbursement. Certainly, many people's first thought is to hold a yard sale. Read More