Death In The Family? 5 Reasons Estate Sales Beat Yard Sales

When a loved one passes away, the family is often left to figure out what to do with all the belongings and furnishings in their home. While you and your family members may select and remove some items of sentimental value or those specifically addressed in the will, the vast majority of the home's goods will need a proper disbursement.

Certainly, many people's first thought is to hold a yard sale. But have you considered the value of an estate sale instead? If not, here are five reasons that the estate sale method will likely bring better results for everyone. 

1. Estate Sales are Professionally-Managed.

A yard sale is usually just the family choosing and placing items outside. Estate sales, though, are run by professionals who select, value, and sell items for a living. They know what works best, such as when to negotiate and how to research items for a proper valuation. Taking the work out of your hands makes it more manageable and removes the emotional element. 

2. Estate Sales Stage Goods.

Estate sales are generally held inside the home of the prior owner. This means furnishings, artwork, and other household items are staged in the locations where they belong. Buyers can see them 'in the wild' to get a better sense of how they look with other furnishings and inside different parts of the home. This can help sell items for higher prices. 

3. Estate Sales Work in Bulk.

Because you bring items outside for sale, yard sales work on an individual-item level. You'll work harder to sell fewer items than at an estate sale. This is because the estate sale staff prepare everything or nearly everything in the home to be sold. And arrangements are often available to remove remaining items after the sale is done. 

4. Estate Sales Involve Less Haggling.

From the moment your yard sale opens for business, buyers will be negotiating for lower prices. While this is common and expected at yard sales, estate sales have been priced by professionals at the appropriate dollar amounts for each item. 'Haggling' is nearly verboten when the sale begins and may only take the form of a 'best offer' arrangement finalized when the sale ends. 

5. Estate Sales Have Rules.

Did you know that there is an established method estate sellers use to run their sales? Buyers are allowed inside in order or by a lottery system. They are expected to respect the home and goods. They're unlikely to bring mischievous children. And their browsing is overseen by professionals. This brings more organized selling, better prices, and dignity to your loved one's home. 

Could an estate sale be the right choice for your loved one's belongings? If so, start by learning more about how they operate and the benefits they can bring your particular family. Meet with an estate sale service in your community today.