3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Bank For Your Small Business

The bank you choose for your small business matters to your daily operations and long-term goals. The right bank can provide the support needed while your business is getting off the ground. If you are starting a small business and looking for a bank, here are some questions to ask in selecting one: What Are Your Needs? Banking needs can vary from business to business. To narrow down the commercial banks available, you need to consider your business's specific needs. Read More 

Building Equity

There are a lot of different ways that you can invest your money, and sometimes it can be tricky trying to figure out exactly the best way to invest. The higher the risk the higher the reward usually. There is another way to invest in yourself and that is by building home equity. Home equity is represented by the value of the home minus what is still owed on the loan. Read More 

2 Things You Should Think About Before You Post Bail

If you ever find yourself sitting in a jail cell, you might be laser focused on getting home at all costs. Instead of using your one call to ask a family member to shop around for a bail agent, you might be tempted to call the first bondsman that you find and assign a co-signor—without a lot of thought. Unfortunately, going with the wrong company or requesting the wrong indemnitor could cause problems later. Read More 

6 Advantages Of Payday Loans

It's not so unusual to find yourself in a financial dilemma, particularly these days. When it happens, not everyone has the luxury of turning to close family or friends and asking for assistance. If you have a job with steady income, obtaining a loan can help you sail through those rough times. While payday loans are generally advised as a last resort, they really do have tremendous benefits over the other options. Read More 

Hard Money Loans For Flipping Homes: 3 Ways To Get Approved Quickly

Make a profit out of flipping homes with the help of hard money loans. Hard money loans usually have loan terms of less than a year and typically charge interest rates between 12 to 18%. Unlike FHA insured loans, hard money loans are much easier to get, as you don't necessarily need good credit to be approved or a certain income. To help speed the loan application process along, apply these 3 tips. Read More