Are You Ready To Become A Certified Payroll Professional? 3 Tips To Use A Practice Quiz To Sail Through Your Exam

After working as a payroll professional for at least three to five years, you've now become eligible to get certified. Earning your certification opens up new potential job opportunities by demonstrating your ability to follow the appropriate procedures for ensuring that a company's employees are compensated for their work fairly. You may also find that your new status as a CPP makes you eligible for promotions or raises within your current company. 

Now, you just need to pass your exam to be qualified for certification through the American Payroll Association. While you've likely already learned a lot through your on the job experiences and by completing the required courses to take your exam, you also need to practice to make sure that you will be able to sail through the questions that you must answer correctly to get your certification.

Create a Base Line Practice Quiz Score

Your first step is to use a CPP practice quiz to find out how well you do without putting in any effort beyond what you have already done. Take the quiz during a time when you can give it your full focus. Then, take an honest look at the score. If the score is low, don't worry. Many people do not do exceptionally well the first time that they take the exam, and you may still be getting used to the concept of taking a test electronically. Even if you have a high score, you will still need to work to improve it since this will help to ensure that any nervousness that you feel on test day won't lower your score.

Identify the Areas Where You Need to Improve

A comprehensive CPP practice quiz covers all of the content that will be tested on the exam. Take a look at your scores to see which areas you struggle with the most. For instance, you may have difficulty remembering complicated vocabulary or abbreviations that you don't use every day. You can use flashcards and other study materials to help you memorize these. Alternatively, you may need to work on your understanding of core payroll concepts such as the significance of the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

Retake the Practice Quiz Until You Achieve a High Score

Once you've reviewed your study materials and feel confident with the areas that you struggled with before, you are ready to reach the practice quiz. Ideally, you should see that your score improved. Continue to study and retake the practice quiz until you achieve a high passing score that gives you confidence on the actual test day.

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